Contemporary Art

The Mermaid with daffodils

Art Code: TMWD

“The Mermaid with daffodils” in water theme, is a mix media workdone on a canvas base, these yellow daffodils creates mood of happiness..

The shells with daffodils

Art Code: TSWD

“The shells with daffodils”the theme of landis another mix media work done on canvas, the bright brown shades used here give an elegant look on the wall….

The Horse with daffodils

Art Code: THWD

“The Horse with daffodils”the fire thememade on canvas ..its a mixmedia work, here the horse is symbolically used to show the power of fire and daffodils in-between represents the beauty in side…

The butterfly and daffodils

Art Code: TBAD

“The butterfly and daffodils “the theme of airis a mix media work done on canvas, Butterfly here used in this concept beautifies the airy area…lovely daffodils brings a balance to the picture…

The humming bird and daffodils

Art Code: THBAD

“The humming bird and daffodils”the theme of clouds,a mixmedia work on canvas, brings a wonderful feel of fling in-between the passing clouds happily sucking the honey of daffodils stress free….

Tribal Doll

Art Code: TD

Decorate your niche with this 2 feet tribal doll playing the music made up of paper clay and polymer clay. The doll is decorated with cute beads and cotton cloth.

Humpty Dumpty

Art Code: HD

Decorate your office table with this cute news paper reading humpty dumpty. This is painted with acrylics and plywood pieces were used as the message board.

Princess dolls

Art Code: PD

Gift your kids(above age 5) with these adorable 10 inch dolls up-cycled from plastic bottles. Woolen thread was used for hair.The doll was accessorized with satin ribbons and embroidery threads.


Desi dolls

Art Code: DD

Decorate your home with these desi style 10 inch tall dolls up-cycled from plastic bottles. Cotton cloth and golden threads were used to decorate the dolls.


Art Code: D

Gift your kids(above age 5) with these adorable 5 inch dolls up-cycled from plastic wastes. The doll isaccessorized with satin ribbons and designed cotton cloth.

Fairy art work

Art Code: FAW

These hand crafted small wall hangings will surely make your kids room a fairy land. Cute fairies were made up of polymer clay on a wooden base. Glitters were used to give the fairy touch to the art works.

Acrylic Painting

Art Code: AP

Acrylic painting done on cook wares and up-cycled to wall hangings. Decorate your walls with this mural inspired art work. Give your home an antique touch with this hand painted art work.

Art work from cook ware

Art Code: AWFCW

Acrylic painting done on cook wares and up-cycled to wall hangings. Decorate your walls with this mural inspired art work. Give your home an antique touch.

Daisy Flowers

Art Code: DF

These beautiful daisy flowers were made from disposed plastic bottles. Beads were used to give it a real touch. Stems were made from heat processed plastic bottles.

The nest with Birds

Art Code: TNWB

This craft is made with air dry clay which is weight less. it can be hung in kids room,sitouts, where it brings peace of mind when we view it.

The grapes & the wine

Art Code: TGTW

This mini mural is a combination of cermanic, hipoxy and texture clay. The medium used here are enamel & metallic paints on canvas.

Colour Nest Hanging with Birds

Art Code: CNHWB

This craft is made with wood, punch craft flowers and glass paints. It can be used to hang key chains at home in a decorative manner.

The modern English - fruit basket

Art Code: TMEFB

This art is a perfect gift piece for any occasion. It is a form of miniature mural. The medium used are hypoxic clay & glass paints on acrylic boards.

The English Wedding - Cake Above Holder

Art Code: TEWCAH

This craft is a combination of cloths,beads and ceramic doll.this can be utilized in various ideas.

The meenakshi kalyanam - wedding couple photo

Art Code: TMKWCP

This is a good piece for a Indian Wedding aarthi. it can be used as a decorative show piece too. The materials used are paper, cloth, wire doll and satin ribbons

The two peacock painting

Art Code: TTPP

This is a relief embossed mural made out of ceramic clay and wood. Its a perfect set to decorate the side of the entrance door.

The five Ganesha

Art Code: TFG

This canvas painting is a semi embossed art. it is a mix media work. it represents spirtual music.